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Lasu School Fees for Fresh and Returning Students 2019

The Lagos State University, also know as LASU has officially released the new lasu tuition fees, which is expected to be paid by students.

The prices are N76,750 and N158,250 ONLY, which is in compliance with the state government’s directives.

The school public Relations Officer disclosed that the new Lasu school fees which are approved by the University Governing Council would see a final year student in the Arts Department paying the sum of Seven Six thousand, Seven hundred and fifty Naira Only. (N76,750) (49.3 percent reduction).

Students should be aware that the new school fees regime shall not apply to students at 400 and 500 levels, who shall continue to pay the old rate of N25, 000.

THE PRO disclosed that both newly admitted students and final year students in the College of Medicine are expected to pay the sum of One hundred and fifteen thousand, Seven hundred and fifty Naira only. (N115,750)

Likewise, a 200-level Engineering and Medical (Direct Entry) student will be paying the total sum of N158,250 representing a 36.4 percent reduction.

A 100-Level Engineering student would pay N115,750,
While all returning students from 200 Level to 500 Level would pay N143,250, N143,250, N131,750, and N106,750 respectively.

Both the 100 and 200 Level students (Direct Entry) in the Adebola Adegunwa School of Communication, are expected and required to pay N103,250. While a 200 Level returning student will pay the sum total of N88,250.

Students in the Faculty of Management Sciences will now pay between N86,750 and N113,250.

The Faculty of Science made a huge reduction in fees of between 51.6 percent and 42.3 percent for Fisheries, Botany, and Zoology.

You should note that this huge reduction in school fees ultimately cumulates into N115,750, N118,250, N103,250, N113,250, N106,750 and N96,750 for students in 100 to 500 Level, including 200 level (Direct Entry) students.

The Lagos State University Management through it’s PRO disclosed that all students of the institution are expected to commence the payment of school fees and registration immediately they resume.

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