University of Ilorin (UNILORIN)

2019/2020 Unilorin Departmental Cut off Marks For Admission

Searching for Admission into the University of Ilorin (Unilorin)?
Did you choose the academic institution as your preferred institution while filling the JAMB registration form?

Well, I’ve got good news for you reading this today! The UNILORIN Departmental Cut Off Mark has been released and you can check your course/department cut off mark to know your admission status.

Please also take note that the Joint Admission and matriculation board, JAMB has officially released the 2019/2020 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination cut off Marks.

You can now check the JAMB Cut off Marks Here.

Medicine and Nursing 240 (O’ Level result with one sitting only)
Nursing 240 (O’ Level result with one sitting only)
Anatomy, Biochemistry, civil engineering, Mass communication, Business administration, electrical, Microbiology engineering, Pharmacy-. 200  
Accountancy, Geology, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Chemistry 210  
4). Computer science, computer engineering. 190  
5). Law, 220  
6). Vet medicine, 230  
7). Other courses not listed above. 180 (e.g, English, Economics, and other educational education, e.t.c )

Don’t forget to let us know if we missed out on your department or course, we will be glad to offer you the answers to your questions.

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  1. Karis Reply

    Please, I’ll like to ask about physiotherapy. I want to know the departmental cut off mark for it please.

  2. olokode idris adeshola Reply

    Comment: please i will lik to ask about departmental cut off mark for water resources and environmental engineering

    • Emmanuela Reply

      Hello Olokode Idris,

      The the departmental cut off marks for Unilorin Water resources and Environmental engineering will soon be released. The jamb board said that the cut off marks for all Universities is 180. But the University of Ilorin is yet to commence on their official cut off marks.

  3. bola Reply

    Comment:can 236 do medicine and surgery in unilorin

    • Emmanuela Reply

      Hello Bola, i don’t know. But i guess that having a score of 236 is very possible to go for Medicine and Surgery in Unilorin., But the school is yet to release the Unilorin cut off marks for 2016.

  4. damilola oluwatoyin Reply

    Comment:can unilorin accept 195 for accounting departments?

    • Emmanuela Reply

      The school will be accepting 180 as their general cut off marks, listed by JAMB. But we don’t know if the school will be making 195 as their departmental cut off marks.

  5. Blessyn Reply

    Please I need the cut off mark for mass communication in the university of illorin

    • Emmanuela Reply

      Hello Blessyn, we don’t yet know the unilorin cut off marks for Mass Communication 2016. But there’s rumor that the Jamb cut off marks for 2016 for Universities is 180. More details coming soon.

  6. Abd_Roqeeb Reply

    I had 192 in jamb. And I did not choose unilorin as any of my choices while registering for jamb. So, can I gain admission to the above mentioned institution? And how do go about it?

    • Emmanuela Reply

      Sadly no. 😥 The school has too many candidates who have already made it their first choice.

  7. zainab Reply

    Comment:how abt the cut off mark for physiology plss?

  8. Olaitan Quayum Reply

    My name is Olaitan Quayum, my jamb score is = 202, I have choseen computer science as course of study but I can’t proceed with the pre admissions registration . its showing “you are not qualify for the course applied” but my jamb score is above the cut off mark for computer science.
    Please what can I do regarding this issue ?

    Jamb reg : 66135932HI.
    Jmab score: 202
    Computer science cut off mark : 190
    Error : you are not qualify for this course .

    Thank you,
    Olaitan Quayum.

    • Emmanuela Reply

      You should apply for another course. It seems like the school has officially increased the cut off marks from 190 to 200 and above. 🙄

  9. sulaimon hazeem Reply

    Comment: I want to ask if pre admis
    sion screening is out for unilorin

  10. Ife Reply

    I got 220 in jamb and they didnt give me the course I chose which is anatomy….why

    • Emmanuela Reply

      Seems like the ONLY explanation is that the school has got the required numbers of students in that department. Is there any option to go for other courses?

  11. emma Reply

    Comment:what is d cutt off mark for marketing

  12. rufai Ahmed rufai Reply

    Please sir what about mass communication

  13. solihu Ambali olamilekan Reply

    Comment:what of department of finance cutoff mark

  14. Bilqees Reply

    Will unilorin accept 214 for accounting?

    • Emmanuela Reply

      I don’t think so. Someone just said he’s got 220, but the school didn’t accept him. Maybe the school has raise the cut off marks for Accounting, to 230 and above.

  15. segun Reply

    Comment:I got 230 in jjamb but in waec I got in English d7 and chem e8.what can I do

  16. RAIMI Damilola Reply

    I had 220 and was told I’m not qualified for course of choice which is accountancy… What’s the problem??
    .. Can someone please explain

    • Emmanuela Reply

      The school listed Accounting cut off marks as 200 as their the last Year cut off marks, but it seems like the bar has been risen

  17. Hassan Reply

    Comment:wat Is Unilorin Cut Off Mark For Chemical Engineering

  18. Salman Reply

    Please what of Architectural Tech and when is the registration closing

  19. Sahban Obalola Ayobami Reply

    I need cut of mark for mass communication, political science

  20. lank Reply

    What abt architeccture

  21. lank Reply

    What about architeccture

  22. Steve Dalton Reply

    I got 200marks, is they any assurance for me in gaining admission in to the university of Ilorin and I strictly want to study Pharmacy. Urgent answer pls

    • Emmanuela Reply

      Not possible. You can’t study Pharmacy in Unilorin with a score of 200.

    • Emmanuela Reply

      Not possible. You can’t study Pharmacy in Unilorin with a score of 200.

  23. emmanuel Reply

    Comment:hello blessing wot about microbiology

  24. emmanuel peter Reply

    please the cut off mark for computer science contradicts other websites’

  25. jimoh sodiq Reply

    unilorin accept 197 for business administration

  26. Otekunrin Reply

    Pls is there a difference btw History and Intl std and History and strat std? What is the cutoff of both.

    • Emmanuela Reply

      This totally depends on the school, if they’ll be combining it, but there is a huge difference.
      The cut off marks was not shared by the institution, but you can accurately get it through the course general faculty.

  27. Timmy Reply

    Comment:how to calc. one’s score,i wil very glad in anticipation.

  28. Bukola Reply

    Comment:I got 213 but unilorin wrote it in my details dat I can’t be given my course of choice which was accounting but I checked it now that for accounting the cut off mark is 210

    • Emmanuela Reply

      The school might have rise the cut off Marks to a higher score. This is mostly caused by over-crowding of courses by applicants. You’re not the only one experiencing this, other students are also experiencing it too.

      Goodluck. I’ll advice you apply for another course, while the time is still fresh.

  29. Funke Jegede Reply

    I applied for Civil engineering in UNILORIN and I scored 212 points in my jamb which is above the cut-off mark for civil engineering and upon registration for screening ,it stated that I wasn’t qualified for the course I applied for and I’ll have to change my course. Please why is this so ?.

  30. Funke Jegede Reply

    I applied for Civil engineering in UNILORIN and I scored 212 points in my jamb which is above the cut-off mark for civil engineering and upon registration for screening ,it stated that I wasn’t qualified for the course I applied for and I’ll have to change my course. Please why is this so ?

    • Emmanuela Reply

      Most times, it’s due to the fact that the school required numbers of applicants for Civil Engineering is filled up.

      This is my point of view though, But Funke, it might be other issues which the school didn’t want to share with the public.

  31. Kizito Reply

    Plz can I know the cut off mark for psychology?

  32. badmos Romoke Reply

    Comment: Pls i put in for nursing but my JAMB was 216 but the cut off mark for nursing is 240 can i put in for pharmacy pls advise me . Badmos Romoke

  33. AJIROTUTU,Abayomi Miracle Reply

    ,but I saw departmental cut offmark to be 210 .what is happening.

  34. Esther Reply

    Comment:i scored 230 in jamb n hv my waec result at one sitting pls cn i be offered admission to study medicine in UNILORIN?????

    • Emmanuela Reply

      Yes, but this depends on the scores of other candidates. if the required numbers of candidates who are seeking for admission into Medicine are 1,000 and the school needs ONLY 200 students, then you’ll be rest assured that they’ll pick from the highest jamb scores.

      This is how most educational system works.

  35. Olanrewaju Reply

    I want to ask about the sheria law cut off mark

  36. Oladepo blessing Reply

    Pls oo d cut off mark for accounting 2

  37. Ajiboye Oluwasegunfunmi Reply

    Comment:Please I want to know the cut-off mark for mechanical engineering. Thanks

  38. Oke Reply

    What is the cut off mark for environmental science- architecture.

  39. adeyemi Reply

    can unilorin accept 170 for any of there courses even if it is arabic or any other courses ,pls reply asap…thanks

  40. comrade sanni rasheed adewale Reply

    kindly furnish me with the cut off mark of chemical engineering in the ongoing 2016/2017 admission process.

  41. Faith Reply

    Comment:pls when is d screening reg closing?

  42. Oke Reply

    Comment: If I scored 209 in jamb, can I be offered admission to study pharmacy???

  43. temmy Reply

    Comment:pls I need pharmacy cut off mark

  44. Hamzat Reply

    Bt d cut off mark posted on the internet is different from the one they used when registeringComment:

  45. Ayalomhe faith Reply

    Comment:what of that of physiology?

  46. AJAO AARE Reply

    Please what is the cut off of ECONOMICS

  47. AJAO AARE Reply

    Please what is the cut off mark of ECONOMICS

  48. Samuel Reply

    Comment:can unilorin accept 204 for mech. Engineering

  49. abdullateef lawal Reply

    Plz I will like to know the cut off mark for statistics

  50. abdullateef lawal Reply

    What is the cut off mark for statistics in unilorin

  51. Prince Folawiyo Sunday Adeniyi. Reply

    Comment:pls sir, what is the cut off Mark for banking and finance in unilorin.

  52. adekola Reply

    adekola place water is different cut off Mark for mettalogicul and meteria engineering

  53. tolulope Reply

    hi, i have been trying to register for my screening but it saying i dnt have up 2 the cutoff mark of my course,i choose food sci and i had 184.

  54. anderson philip Reply

    I want 2 know the cut off mark for architecture

  55. OWOEYE Reply


  56. Akinjobi Hannah be Reply

    Comment: Pls I just need information from unilorin concerning my course blcos i scored 190 in jamb nd I want to do business administration, may be there will be hope for me.

  57. olaitan Reply

    Please i want to know the waec subject for criminology and the cut off mark. Thank you.

  58. damilare Reply

    Comment:food science and technology z nt there

  59. OD Reply


  60. patience Reply

    Comment:I have 235 and am going for medicine and is 240 what can I do now?

  61. patience Reply

    Comment: I have 235 in my jamb score and cut off mark for medicine in Unilorin is 240 what am I to do now?

  62. Anthony Reply

    What is the utme cut off mark for metallurgical and material engineering

  63. Omolola Reply

    I heard Unilorin is not using 180 as dere cut off its 200

  64. kolawole Reply

    Plz I’ll like to know about the cut-off mark for marketing and business education

  65. Odetunde teniola Reply

    Can someone with 218 do law

  66. Odetunde teniola Reply

    Pls can someone who got 218 be acceptable to do law in ilorin.. I will be happy if I can

  67. Odetunde teniola Reply

    Pls can someone with 218 be allowed to do law here in ilorin. I will be happy if it possible

  68. Oluwakayode Reply

    I scored 180 in jamb I want to study political science can I?

  69. mhizblizz Reply

    Comment:i av 241 in jamb nd two sittings @waec will unilorin accept me??im so depressed

  70. sunmisola Reply

    They did not count any percentage on my result hope no problem with that

  71. Stephensonayo Reply

    Comment: pls what is d cut off mark for Architecture this year in unilorin

  72. suleiman shukurah Reply

    Comment:I need the cut-off mark for plant biology

  73. Esther Reply

    Pls I want to know if I can combine results together in unilorin

  74. Oluwafemi Reply

    Please can I study economics with a jamb score of 241

  75. BELLA Reply


  76. Emmanuel Olamilekan Reply

    I will like to know the cut off mark for marketing and business administration i guess is above 180.

  77. olaide Reply

    Please I need the cut off mark for agriculture in the university of Ilorin

  78. Aderinsola Reply

    Comment:plz is there physiotherapy in unilorin?

    • Emmanuela Reply

      The school didn’t share the cut off marks for this particular course. However, you can check it out the general department.

  79. Gloria ebube Reply

    Comment:pplz i need to know cutoff mark for physcology department

  80. DeGojos Reply

    Comment:what is the cut off marks for elect/elect

  81. DeGojos Reply

    Comment:elect elect cut off marks please

  82. Victoria Reply

    Please what is the cut oé mark for accounting pleas n y av i nt been called for screening yet aving 226

  83. Jimoh hammed olamide Reply

    Comment: i dont know why Unilorin leave their own cut off mark as 200 ,,,,,majority of the Nigeria unversity fellowers such as UNAAB OAU ABUJA E.T.C left thiers as 180,,,,,i dnt knw for UNilorin ooOoOO

  84. favour Reply

    Comment:I want 2 no abt zoology,Wat is d cut off mark for zoology

  85. jimohsaheed Reply

    i need the cut of mark for authopedist

  86. Whillie Reply

    What of the cut-off mark for petrochemical engg.

  87. Enitan Reply

    Comment: pls I’ll like to ask for the cut off mark for petroleum engineering.

  88. samad Reply

    Wot of telecommunication science

  89. Aminat Reply

    Please, what is the cut off mark for Business Administration in university of Ilorin

  90. Aminat Reply

    what is the cut off mark for Business Admin Unilorin

  91. Alao Iyanuoluwa Dorcas Reply

    Comment:pls When Wil Unilorin Release There 2nd Batch List For 2o16/2017

  92. Gina Reply

    Please can i enter unillorin usin ijmb for direct entry medicine nd surgeey

    • Emmanuela Reply

      Hello Gina,

      Someone here will be able to answer this question for you. I don’t know if Unilorin officially accepts and approves admission through IJMB

  93. richard Reply

    please i need the cut off mark for sociology in university of ilorin

    • Emmanuela Reply

      I will get back to you regarding this. Thanks for pointing it out Richard.

  94. ademola Reply

    Please what is the cut off mark for journalist

    • Emmanuela Reply

      It was not mentioned above. Isn’t Journalism supposed to be under Mass Communication?

  95. Esther Reply

    Please I want to know the cut off Mark for business administration this year and I want to know if one can offer business administration in university without civic education in waec that’s if you don’t have civic in waec but want to write Jamb
    Pls I need urgent reply………….
    This is my number 07019318958 because I might not be able to know when you reply me here…………

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